Brother Rewards Sister For Her Support With Most Big Surprise

Today, a story from AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – 27-year old Charlotte Wilson received a surprise like no other last Thursday for her relentless support for her brother and his girlfriend through some difficult times following the birth of their daughters.

 Charlotte is know for her super-kindness and has always had a good relationship with her brother.

Along with being related they would regard each other as best friends also which made it hard for Charlotte to watch her brother struggle in caring for his new family whilst having to work two jobs.

Without thought for also working long hours herself, Charlotte took it upon herself to make herself available to her brother's family around the clock whenever they needed the support.

"I couldn't believe it at first when they first had scans and found out they were having twins. We all knew it would be tough... I just did what I think any loving sister would do."

Charlotte had never expected to be repaid for her help but one day her brother surprised her with some exciting news.

Adam her brother had received a raise from work and would finally be able to quit his secondary job.

In order to celebrate he made the decision he would take the family on a holiday and gave his sister the phone to show her the flight ticket. She couldn't help but be excited.

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