"Give Bitcoin This Christmas" Advises Bitcoin Teen Millionaire.

In the world of cryptocurrencies to date, thousands of millionaires have been made. In the case of 18-year-old Erik Finman, a monetary gift from his grandmother turned into over a million dollars after he invested it in Bitcoin back in 2011, at $12 USD a coin.

His early investments helped him win a bet with his parents -- if he became a millionaire before 18, he could opt out of going to college.

Finman has since bought multiple properties for himself and his family from his Bitcoin earnings, takes regular vacations to luxury resorts and has just started his own trading company with the aim of increasing his long-term net worth from millions to billions.

Finman is still actively involved in the cryptocurrency space. Talking to news channels this week, Finman insists that he is still passionate about Bitcoin and admits it is always hard to part ways with the valuable virtual currency.

"Whenever I sell a little bit of the coin or pay for something in BTC, I multiply that price by ten, because that's where I think that BTC’s going. I think it's going to be huge, and I think it's going to be incredible, so I try not to take out any."

Following massive support since October, Bitcoin hit the $20,000 USD mark this weekend. With such significant price growth in a relatively short amount of time, new investors who bought small amounts a few weeks ago are already kicking themselves they didn't invest more as they have seen their money more than triple over a short run of days!

Off the back of this, Finman says the time is still right to buy the pre-eminent cryptocurrency, recommending giving Bitcoin as a holiday gift since it will be a gift that keeps on giving month after month, year after year:

"I think it's a wonderful time to buy and distribute it amongst your family members. It would be a great stocking stuffer or new year gift, and everyone will be thanking you for it in a few months when they see how much money you’ve made them!"

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