Ideas For Decorating A Makeup Vanity


There is something very unique and personal about a women's makeup vanity. While the goal is to make yourself beautiful, it is important to make sure the space is inspiring and makes you feel great as soon as you sit down. Take a look at the list below to see how to decorate your makeup vanity.

1. Add some art to the space or even photos of yourself for some inspiration

2. Try a full length mirror on the wall and simply putting a table in front of it.

3. Get some nice looking jars to put things like cotton balls or even flowers in for a stylish look.

4. Small bowls are great for keeping jewelry in which will help make the vanity space neater.

5. Make sure the chair or stool is stylish and compliments the rest of the decorations.

6. Find a tray that has a good balance between looks and works well for your various makeup items. Want to make sure your makeup vanity is stylish? Start by decorating it with this Gold Framed Makeup Tray.


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