Maid in Shock After Finding Huge Surprise Under Bedsheets

Rosa Sans is a 35 year old hotel maid in Downtown Vancouver. It was just like any other day, until Rosa stepped into room 314 where she was left in tears by a gift hidden under the bedsheets left by the previous guest.

In this article we explore the guest’s motivation.

It’s no surprise that some single parents lead some difficult lives. It’s almost comparable to working two full time jobs at the same time. That is what Rob O’Connor noticed during his 5 night stay at this Marriott in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Rob was having his afternoon tea when he saw one of the hotels maids (Rosa Sans) walk into work with two little boys holding onto her arms. Each of them had their book bags on, and sat down at the table next to Rob to work on their assignments for the day. Rosa left to get them some food from the kitchen.

As Rob recounts his uplifting story…

The children were young yet well behaved. I asked them how they were and what their names were. “I’m Ben and I’m 10 years old,” Ben beamed confidently. The younger of the two was the shy and quiet one. Ben continues, “And this is my brother Joshua, he’s 6.” Rosa came back and I wished them the best of luck on their assignments. I also told Rosa that her kids were so well mannered.

Each day, I saw Rosa bring in Ben and Joshua from school only to start her shift as the hotel’s maid. She would spend her breaks helping them with their homework assignments or just spending time with them. I remember coming back from a late dinner to see that the two boys were fast asleep on the lobby’s chairs. Rosa’s shift didn’t end until 11pm each night.

Rosa reminded me so much of my father, hard working but managed to spend every bit of free time with us. I grew up without a mother, so my father had to work while taking care of me and my sister. I remember it being quite hard on him, but he always did his best. I still wish to this day that he had some help.

And that’s what prompted me to leave her the $500 tip. My father always taught me that random acts of kindness always led to a more fulfilled life and I see that happening everywhere in the world, especially on Facebook. It was just my time to help someone.

We loved hearing Rob’s story so much, we just had to spread the news of all the good deeds people do. There have been so much criticism in the world, we need more stories like these to show up.  To show our appreciation, we sent Rosa a gift!  Hope she enjoys!

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