Une propriétaire de chien était en larmes la semaine dernière. Un pompier est stupéfait cette semaine.

La vie de ce pompier de Montréal a changé après qu’une femme lui a fait une grande surprise, car il a sauvé son chien de manière héroïque la semaine auparavant.

This young lady came home after school one day to find that her house was completely in flames.

Firefighters were already on the scene with one of them miraculously pulled this unconscious dog from the wreck.  Isabelle, the dog owner was distraught with tears running down her face, smudging her makeup, as she saw her puppy trying to be saved.

But Lala finally came to and the Kenneth the Firefighter became the hero of the city.

The story doesn't end there.  Is it cliche to say that they ended up together?  Truth be told. lately in Montreal, Isabelle and Kenneth has been seen at the malls on the week.  We here at Whimsand-Craze love this story and wish them both a very happy life! <3

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