Woman Burst Into Tears When Her Step-Father Unexpectedly Shows Up At The Abortion Clinic

Kayla Gillis of Montreal received the ultimate surprise at the Abortion Clinic on Thursday by none other than her Step-Father, Tristan James.
Always one to put family first, Tristan James is what people would call a model father.  From coaching his daughter Kayla’s soccer games, to watching her graduate from John Grant High School, Tristan never failed to miss a moment.
“I love my Dad,” expressed Kayla. “He’s been a spectacular father since he became part of our family when I was 12.   He just added so much support and helped my Mom when she had no one else to turn to!  I wasn’t an easy child to raise either but he always found a way to be great.”
However there is one thing that Tristan James is pretty firm about.  And that was the idea of becoming a Grandfather.
Back in May, Kayla found out that she was pregnant.  Overjoyed by the idea of having a baby with her long time boyfriend Aaron, they both decided to bring up the news to Kayla’s parents and their reaction was as follows.
However a week after the announcement, reality brought her back down to earth.  Being a sophomore at the University of Montreal and working two jobs to pay for her tuition, Kayla did not know if she could handle bringing in baby.
“I want to be as good a mother as my own,” said Kayla. “I’ve been there when my Mom, Rosie, worked 3 jobs and I remember her crying in the kitchen when life got really hard.  Its just something I’m not sure if I’d like for my child to go through.”
With more and more millienials opting to have children later in life and abortion being an accepted option, Kayla and Aaron had the idea that the right thing to do was not to have the baby.
“Its depressing.  I want to be a mother but I want to be the best mother who can provide for her child.  I also want to graduate and I know plenty of people who had to choose one or the other!”
The news eventually made its way home and it was a very emotional day for the family.  Rosie Gillis and Tristan James were heartbroken.
“I respect my daughter’s mature decision,” cried Tristan.  “But GOD DAMN IT, I was looking forward to becoming a Grandpa!  If there was anything that could be done to change her mind, I’m really praying for it."
By a small hint of perfect timing, a letter from the University of Montreal's Scholarship Department landed in the Gillis Mailbox.  Apparently, Kayla's mother Rosie had helped send in a scholarship application and the family completely forgot about it until the letter came in.  This academic scholarship was presented to Kayla with the option to use it on whichever year she wished!
Rosie and Tristan were overcome with joy but knew that in the end the choice to have the child was ultimately in Kayla's mind.  This did not stop Tristan from rushing over to the abortion clinic where Kayla and Aaron were getting more information on the abortion process.  He ran through the front door, and yelled for Kayla to come to the waiting room immediately.  To Kayla’s surprise, her father was standing there with the proudest smile in the world eventually sharing the incredible news.
" I’M GOING TO BE A MOM!!!" Kayla said. “I’m not even religious but someone out there heard my wishes.  The idea of going through an abortion was not favorable but now that i have some money and the best support system in the world, I know I can be a great student and a great mommy!
Update -- Kayla is now 7 months pregnant with a boy they plan on naming Chris! Rosie and Tristan made sure her baby shower was a party the whole family won’t ever forget.
*Kayla looks beautiful in her Instragram photo, she must be wearing this makeup kit!

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